The Holidays are here! That was a fast year!


2018 will mark a unique milestone of the 66 year history of this thriving and exemplary Chapter. Starting January, we will all be united as AIA Oregon chapter members. AIA Oregon will be a single 501(c)(6) and allow our chapter to shed its bureaucratic structure. Without the burden of the unnecessary and redundant corporate template, we can focus more directly on our members and programs. Our membership dues will no longer include local chapter fees and we won't have to use Robert's Rules of Order! We will continue our weekly e-newsletter (T@3), monthly presentations and events, design awards, People's Choice awards, continuing education programs, Design Spring, and CoLA.

I will continue in my leadership role for another year as a Director representing the "Eugene Section" of the Oregon AIA. Our current board members will continue to help put together all our current programs and we will continue to meet twice a month at the Octagon. As a Director, I will be a voting member of the Oregon AIA board and will represent our Eugene Section members. You will all see a choice to join a local section on your membership renewals, so just check that off! Easy!

We have 172 members who continue to renew their membership because there is value to this association. I’d like to ask that each one of you reach out and support our emerging professionals and encourage them to get licensed and be part of the AIA. At our Holiday Party several members approached me to ask if they can help more actively with the Chapter (Section) and the answer is always yes! We do have openings for the CoLA committee and for our other programs. We will be putting our 2019 schedule together before the end of year and we'll let you know what's coming up. I can't reiterate enough how helpful it is to participate in our committees, so please reach out if you want to volunteer. Thank you all for your continued membership.