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Baker Center Luncheon Learn -Vinyl in Design

Baker Center / Bend Center / January 10th, 2017
Tuesday, Jan. 10, 2017 / 11:55am - 1:05pm  
(Please arrive 10 mins early!)

Vinyl in Design
Instructor: Terry Murphy, LEED AP

Description:   "Vinyl in Design is a live, interactive outreach and education program provided by The Vinyl Institute to familiarize architects and designers with the range of solutions vinyl provides for today’s design challenges. Seen by thousands across the US, our objective is to educate them about all aspects of this common and widely accepted material which is used in so many building applications.

The use of plastics in building and construction is on the rise and vinyl is the most commonly used plastic in building and construction. Whether considering raw materials, service life, sustainability or resilience, the science of materials is fascinating, thought provoking and ever changing. And since every project is likely to include at least some vinyl, it is important for architects to learn about and be familiar this essential material."         

Learning Objectives

1) Describe why vinyl is the most widely used plastic in building and construction. Understand safety in manufacturing and emissions through OSHA worker safety and EPA data. 

2) Name the two abundant natural ingredients used to make vinyl, and why it is naturally fire resistant. Discuss products that aid in fire safety like photoluminescence, CPVC sprinkler systems and wire and cable insulation. 

3) Identify vinyl's role in sustainable design using accepted environmental, economic and social criteria looked at through the perspective of life cycle assessment. 

4) Identify vinyl's role in building rating systems (LEED v4, Green Globes), standards (NSF multi-attribute sustainability standards) and emerging codes (International Green Construction Code, IgCC)