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February Small Firms Exchange

When: this Friday (10 February) at 5:00 pm

Where: Stan Honn’s office (Honn Design & Construction, 440 Charnelton St, Eugene, OR 97401)

Guest Speaker: Stan Chesshir, AIA, Chesshir Architecture PC, Portland, Oregon; Past Northwest & Pacific Region Representative, AIA Small Firms Exchange

Stan Chesshir will be sharing his perspective from serving on the national Small Firms Exchange, and will also speak about AIA resources for small firms and his experiences from Small Firms groups in other areas, including Portland—it should be an engaging and instructive session.

Beverages & snacks will be provided (contribute to the chip-in jar if you can). Stan will need to wrap up by about 7 pm, so we will not have the pinup session beforehand (just a quick social hour and we’ll let Stan get started).