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"The Naturalization of American Modern Architecture, circa 1940"

A Lecture by Keith Eggener
Marion D. Ross Professor of Architectural History, University of Oregon

5:45 p.m.
Wednesday, May 10, 2017
177 Lawrence Hall, 1190 Franklin Boulevard
Reception follows
Americans during the interwar years often expressed concern with modern architecture’s national origins, branding it either an unwelcome European import or a product of their own native genius.
“Naturalization”—implying both a politicized shift in identity and the movement toward site–specificity was a term used in that period to describe what later became better known as architectural “regionalism.” 

This talk by UO Professor Keith Eggener considers these terms and the transition they identify, examining how they played out in the intersecting careers of Portland-based architect John Yeon and Museum of Modern Art curator John McAndrews.
Keith Eggener's interests are in modern art and architecture. He is the author of three books and of numerous articles and book chapters on Mexican and US art, architecture, landscape, and urban design.

Sponsored by the Department of the History of Art and Architecture and the Historic Preservation Program as part of the A&AA Signature Event Series. Watzek House photo by Walter Boychuk