construction craft AWARDS


A craftsperson is one who practices a craft with great skill and attention to detail. During the past 59 years the American Institute of Architects Southwestern Oregon Chapter has given special recognition to those individuals in the building industry who have mastered the ideals of their craft on a particular project or over the course of their careers. In appreciation of the contractors, suppliers, manufacturer's representatives, and other industry individuals we work with year after year on our projects, for their superior skills and attentive effort, we have honored the most deserving of these individuals with the presentation of a Construction Craft Award (previously called the Craftsmanship Award). AIA Eugene would like to continue this tradition. The past recipients of this award are listed below.

The next Construction Craft Awards are scheduled for May 8, 2019
Ford Alumni Center Ballroom
Co-Organized by AIA Eugene and the UO School of Architecture & Environment


To help us identify these masters of their craft think of all the people you work with and please make a nomination. A jury comprised of AIA Oregon architects, members of the construction industry, and past award winners will choose from those nominated.



2006 Mary Beth Llorens, Eugene
2011 Anna James, Eugene

1954 A. Carlson, Retired
1956 Lyle Kellogg, Eugene
1962 J.B. McElhaney, Springfield
1962 Darol Bell, Eugene
1963 A. Corless, Junction City
1963 E.R. Headrick, Corvallis
1964 J.D. Boekeloo, Jr. Coos Bay
1966 D.A. Kendall, Eugene
1967 Fred Hawkins, Corvallis
1967 Joe Kerns, Eugene
1968 Berge Jorgensen, Eugene
1970 N.B. Forsman, Eugene
1970 Raymond W. Minden, Portland
1978 Wayne Anderson, Corvallis
1984 Wendell Goodwin, Coos Bay
1984 Michael Mellor, Eugene
1988 Jack Roundtree, Roseburg
1991 Gary Thompson, Eugene
1995 Roy Ledford, Eugene
1998 Danny Palanuk, Eugene
2002 Mike Kimball, Eugene
2006 Jen Carroll, Eugene
2015 Robert Havas, Eugene

1958 Clair Thomson, Corvallis
1959 Sid Darnell, Eugene
1964 Chas. E. Green, Alaska
1969 Edward Morrison, Eugene

1961 Lewis Rankin, Eugene
1964 John Northway, Eugene
1966 H.A. Vitus, Eugene
1967 Archie Vettengl, Springfield
1970 A.R. Koivisto, Eugene
1970 Maynard Meadows, Scio
1974 Larry Long, Eugene
1976 Glen R. Heistad, Eugene
1977 Bill Newman, Eugene
1978 Robert Reeves, Coos Bay
1980 Robert Strehle, Eugene
1982 Paul Hollinger, Eugene
1986 Thurm Metzler, Springfield
1992 Charles "Chuck" Porter, Eugene
1993 Tom Baxter, Corvallis
1993 Bill Henderson, Eugene
1993 Terry Webster, Eugene
1995 David L. Kruger, Eugene
1998 Michael T. Roberts, Eugene
1998 Jim Thomas, Eugene
2000 Darrell Wilson, Springfield
2000 Lonny King, Eugene
2002 John Brown, Eugene
2002 Dennis Martin, Eugene
2006 Mike Duggan, Eugene
2006 Jack Makarchek, Eugene
2006 Randall White, Springfield
2006 Jim Mender, Eugene
2008 Nick Russo, Elmira
2008 Pat Shields, Eugene
2011 Don Brockman, Eugene
2011 Mike Nowak, Eugene
2011 Randy Teenney, Salem

1992 Hal Davis, Eugene

1953 Earl Blackburn, Eugene
1954 Chas. Dirlam, Eugene
1956 Allen Jones, Eugene
1957 J.R. Brownell, Grants Pass
1962 L. Schmidt, Springfield
1966 Ted Jensen, Eugene
1968 Ralph Cline, Jr., Eugene
1968 C.F. Cline, Eugene
1972 Jack T. Roderick, Eugene
1975 Charles Woods, Creswell
1977 Clyde Borden, Springfield
1982 Gary Peoples, Eugene
1986 David A. Kalstad, Eugene
1993 Alex Stapleton, Eugene
1998 Gary Kellis, Springfield
2000 Greg Hobbs, Fall Creek
2002 Kelly Martin, Springfield
2015 Noah Barth, Eugene

1961 Tom Garvin, Eugene
1967 B.H. Falk, Springfield
1993 Jim Pickett, Eugene

1955 Eggert Masdsen, Leaburg
1977 Melvin Petersen, Eugene

1967 Carl Lay, Eugene

2011 Scott Brown, Eugene

1953 John L. Jones, Springfield
1957 Milo A. Pratt, Corvallis
1960 Hugh Hughes, Eugene
1965 Howard Stacey, Roseburg
1970 J. W. Metcalfe, Eugene
1974 Kenneth Myers, Corvallis
1974 Edwin Ziniker, Bend
1975 John C. Mackey, Corvallis
1980 Roy Duerst, Eugene
1982 Melvin Martinson, Eugene
1982 Robert Beck, Corvallis
1991 Jamie Paddock, Eugene
1995 Jimmy Crittenden, Idaho
1998 Larry C. Nichols, Coos Bay

1958 Tom Kaarhus, Eugene
1959 Duane Marshall, Eugene
1961 Jas. Radford, Springfield
1965 Victor Vitek, Eugene
1966 Jim Fredette, Corvallis
1969 Eugene Lemons, Albany
1972 R.A. Loughmiller, Eugene
1976 R. Clyde Bird
1978 Jerry Stump, Eugene
2011 Caleb Bruce, Eugene
2015 Patrick Morgan, Eugene

1963 T.D. Tallerday, Springfield
1982 Charles Taylor, Springfield
1982 Benny Bartel, Springfield
1988 Richard Hellickson, Eugene

1960 Lloyd Strand, Springfield
1974 Earl Dilts, Springfield
1986 Raymond Gilbert, Eugene
1988 Frank Carlson, Eugene

1955 Harold Palmer, Springfield
1964 Eric Hansen, Winston
1965 William Pierce, Springfield
1969 Bob George, Eugene
1970 Thomas Sexton, J. City
1974 Warner Dallas, Eugene
1976 William A. Moody, Eugene
1980 Dana Bowers, Medford
1984 William Harris, Roseburg
1991 Edward Meyers, Eugene
2011 David Roberts, Eugene

1975 Raymond F. Ezell, Monroe

2008 John Wright, Eugene

1965 Gerry Price, Eugene

1972 Gil W. Galles, Springfield

1960 Earl Doane, Pleasant Hill
1968 Lester Petersen, Eugene
1972 E. Claud Tennison, Eugene
1975 Francis L. Dover, Eugene
1984 Manley "Sam" Doane, Creswell
1992 W. Spencer Crockett, Springfield
1995 Arnold R. Myers, Eugene
2000 Jeff Lutz, Eugene
2002 Donald Appert, Eugene
2011 Tom Allen, Springfield
2015 Mark McGee, Eugene

1969 Zosum Kordon, Eugene
1980 Emil Kordon, Eugene
1992 James Rundall, Eugene

1964 H. Krehbeil, Corvallis

1959 Tom Burns, Jr., Photographer
1960 Lloyd Hill, Building Inspector
1962 Charles Nelson, Precast Concrete
1963 Waldo Hardie, Contractor
1964 John Beck, Contractor
1964 Bud Huffman, Contractor
1964 Arnt Ree, Contractor
1964 Albert Vik, Contractor
1965 Jim Robertson, Blueprint
1966 L. Barker, Fire Prevention
1967 LeRoy Erdmann, Superintendent
1968 Ted Flaming, Sales Representative
1969 Marjorie Brunton, Building Manager
1974 Miles Kontich, Material Supplier
1974 Trygve Vik, Contractor
1975 Richard Corkum, Manufacturer’s Rep.
1976 Sid Whitworth, Construction Manager
1977 Carl Horstrup, Apprenticeship
1977 Wayne Youel, Contractor
1978 Marion D. Ross, Architectural Historian
1978 Stanley Ingebretsen, Contractor
1980 Robert Miller, Construction Manager
1980 John Todd, Contractor
1984 Wes Smith, Blueprint
1986 J.E. Beck, Contractor
1986 R.A. Chambers, Contractor
1986 Gale M. Roberts, Contractor
1986 Carl Rich, Owner's Rep.
1988 Morse Brothers, Precast Concrete
1991 Jerry Fishel, Masonry Supplier
1991 Cheryl M. Kolar, NAWIC
1992 Harold “Don” Lee, State Plans Examiner
1992 Jerry Davis, Door Hardware
1992 Max Rubenstein (posthumous), Carpets
1995 Mae C. Lenhart, Professional Service
2000 Denny Hellesvig, City Building Official
2006 Steve Gunn, Eugene
2006 Charlie Simmons, Eugene
2011 Gary Bartell, Eugene
2011 Richard Shields, Eugene
2015 George Bleekman, Owner's Representative

1988 Duane Marshall, Eugene