Speranza Architecture + Urban Design

Public Food market.jpg

Design is for the adaptive reuse of Eugene Electric and Water Board’s waterfront redevelopment for a new year-round public food market for Eugene, Oregon.

This design is for adaptive reuse of Eugene Electric and Water Board’s 18-acre waterfront redevelopment site including urban analysis, programming and conceptual design work for a new year-round public food market for Eugene, Oregon. Air and sound qualities informed the design work. Design included the reuse of an existing 100 feet bow truss warehouse. A new tower volume was designed be a gateway to downtown Eugene using LED lighting to visualize real-time data about the nearby Willamette River and energy use for Eugene’s twenty-one neighborhoods. The urban design of this project focused on the creation of a civic center for the forthcoming waterfront development area. This public space would provide a node along the planned “Great Loop” used to bring the Willamette River closer to downtown Eugene. The careful carving of the new tower and replacing the opaque siding of the bow truss building with clear polycarbonate would offer a respectful way to reveal the beauty of this existing building. 

Jury's Comments: “This proposed adaptive reuse of the former EWEB building could be a significant part of the City’s downtown transformation.  This project proposal includes the leveraging of the existing building’s significant elements (most notably the bow-string trusses), but equally important is the programmatic role of a year round, and night & day, public food market. 

The jury’s challenge is to incorporate the proposed new tower, complete with LED lighting, as an urban marker for the Market.  It should contribute greatly to the Market’s character, the downtown’s ‘Great Loop’ initiative, and linking to the City’s neighborhoods.”