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Executive Director

Biographical Information: 

Annie has been working in landscape architecture, product design and development, and sales and marketing roles since receiving Landscape Architecture & Environmental Design Degrees from North Dakota State University in 2004. Landscape architecture brought her from Minneapolis to Eugene in 2005 where she worked for Schirmer + Associates (now Schirmer Satre Group) until 2011. Since then, she has been working in sales and marketing positions which has allowed professional growth in business development and strategy coupled with a true love for design and the creative process. 

What inspires Annie are the endless possibilities when collaboration is encouraged and fostered. The most valuable instruction she received while attending landscape architecture school was the intent by the program directors and Dean of Architecture to bring together the architecture studios with the landscape architecture studios. That type of learning and collaboration molded her desire to facilitate well-rounded teams that could create a product being anyone’s wildest dreams. That purposeful intent has allowed Annie to have incredible opportunities to not only manage a project, but lead a team to see the possibilities and give them confidence to realize their vision.

Confessions: Annie is an Ironman triathlete. She has run 15+ marathons - 2 of them being the Boston Marathon. She grew up running the roads of the Sheyenne River Valley in Northeastern North Dakota - on a farm and ranch that she still calls home. This upbringing made Annie not only love and appreciate land and design, but gave her an understanding and respect for progress.

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