Pivot Architecture


Richardson Sports came to the design team with a simple but profound challenge. The company’s buildings had been expanded by a process of accretion, and lacked a cohesive center. This kept the workforce separated in disjointed spaces. The organization purchased an existing building large enough to house the growing company but it was also broken into separated spaces. Richardson’s CEO had a vision of creating a stronger, more cohesive company. The challenge was to re-make the newly acquired building to match the vision, using the architecture to unify the corporate culture.   

After some consideration, the design team proposed the visual metaphor of sewing to “stitch” together working spaces. This concept fit well for the company, whose business it is to make sports apparel. 

The concept was used throughout the design process to both generate and test ideas. The new spaces were unified and organized by threading a clear circulation path through the building, bounded and defined by distinct portals denoting the ends of each seam. The idea is reinforced by the use of overlapping, repeated elements through all scales and building elements – from the pattern of the exterior cladding to the placement of the interior finishes on the casework and portals.   


The intent was to create identity by weaving the organization’s values into the architecture. Their work requires simplicity, craft, and attention to the smallest detail. In response, the designers collaborated closely with skilled craftspeople to create clean, simple details from strong unified materials.